Mysterious goings on

The night before last, somebody came into the garden and dug up one of my carrots. Just one. Which they left next to the hole so that the garden gastropods could have a nice feast. I found it there yesterday afternoon.

So now I have a curious mystery to solve: Who did it? And why?

I mean, the vegetable garden is in full view of the street and I’ve often thought that anyone wandering past could quite easily help themselves to tomatoes (last year) or beans (this year) if they had a mind to. All they’d have to do is reach out their hand. Then there’s the little apple tree. They’d have to be slightly more adventurous to reach that, but it wouldn’t wholly surprise me if we woke up one morning and found that someone had taken it into their heads to pinch some apples or knock them all off the tree for the sheer hell of it. But they haven’t. Instead, I’ve had several people stop by and say how well everything is doing and what a good idea it is to have a vegetable patch in the front garden. (We don’t have a back garden). Or they tell me how pretty the vegetable patch looks with the flowers as well or how good grilled courgettes taste – have I tried them?

And now, to cap it all, I’ve had a carrot very carefully dug up for me!


It makes no sense. If, for example, it was a four-footed beastie, why didn’t they eat it? Are my carrots really that bad?

Interestingly, my next door neighbour has had the odd plant dug up in the night as well. Again, no damage. Just dug up and left. For no reason. (Or none that we can see).

It’s all very mysterious.

These aliens that supposedly carry out experiments, are they not very good at putting things back when they have finished with them?

Did my carrot not pass quality control?

Have they signed a secret agreement with the gastropods as part of their plan for world domination?

That must be it. I mean, I also have a scab on my knee. Not just a little scratch, but a proper scab, as if I’d grazed it somehow. It’s even a bit sore if I kneel on it. Yet I have absolutely no memory of how it got there.

It’s the aliens! It has to be the aliens! They must have been in a hurry when they brought me back…

Unless it was the garden gnomes, just trying to be helpful?




9 thoughts on “Mysterious goings on

  1. beetleypete

    Mysterious carrot burglars warrant further investigation. I would get the local news and papers involved. Then I would install CCTV to catch them on their next try. Hang on though, that would draw attention to my front garden vegetable plot, and I might lose even more!
    Maybe they were disturbed by someone walking by, and dropped the carrot as they made good their escape? If they hadn’t been seen, you may well have lost the lot.
    Put the carrot back, and attach it to a thin wire connected to a small bell. If they try again, you will be alerted! One for Crimewatch perhaps, as this sort of vegetable banditry must be nipped in the bud.
    Keep watching the skies though, just in case…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. karen

    We’ve never had any vegetables stolen, but one year we did have someone pull up with a van and start helping himself to my manure heap. Well rotted manure costs a fortune nowadays. Ours was £100 from the local young farmers club, delivered. Honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. He had a shovel and bags all ready, and very calmly started filling them. Grrrr!



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