Snail adventures

Oliver has a new home!

Snail house

Snail house

I didn’t want him to wander off or get washed down the sink, so I have provided him with a box. I want to keep him indoors a bit longer because I’m curious to know how fast he will grow. However, his companion has been taken outside, along with another two that had appeared since my last blog. I think there must have been eggs in the cyclamen pot.

Oliver moved into his house yesterday. This morning, I found him exploring his rock:


He found his way down to the moss…


…And spent a lot of time mouthing a sunflower seed:


It’s hard to tell if he was eating it because he is too tiny to leave visible tooth marks!

Next, he went to explore the flower pot:


He is so small that his body and shell are still translucent.


This is where he slept yesterday evening. However, this morning he found a new resting place. When he had finished his explorations, I found him buried in the moss at the base of the stone. At lunch time, he came out and had another look around. Then he went for an upside down nap on the roof of the box. It must be great to be able to defy gravity like that. Just think how much more space there would be in a house if you could sleep on the ceiling!




2 thoughts on “Snail adventures

  1. Bluebird4UDaily

    Ros, I just love this post of yours.. Thank you for directing me here.. I had no idea how cute baby snails are and didn’t know the slugs are transparent either.. Love learning new things.. would you like a nice red apple?

    Take care my friend,

    Laura 🙂



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