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Snail adventures

Oliver has a new home!

Snail house

Snail house

I didn’t want him to wander off or get washed down the sink, so I have provided him with a box. I want to keep him indoors a bit longer because I’m curious to know how fast he will grow. However, his companion has been taken outside, along with another two that had appeared since my last blog. I think there must have been eggs in the cyclamen pot.

Oliver moved into his house yesterday. This morning, I found him exploring his rock:


He found his way down to the moss…


…And spent a lot of time mouthing a sunflower seed:


It’s hard to tell if he was eating it because he is too tiny to leave visible tooth marks!

Next, he went to explore the flower pot:


He is so small that his body and shell are still translucent.


This is where he slept yesterday evening. However, this morning he found a new resting place. When he had finished his explorations, I found him buried in the moss at the base of the stone. At lunch time, he came out and had another look around. Then he went for an upside down nap on the roof of the box. It must be great to be able to defy gravity like that. Just think how much more space there would be in a house if you could sleep on the ceiling!




Time will tell

Back in the spring, I planted some bell pepper seeds. I can’t remember when this was. Around March, I think. I had never grown bell peppers before, so this was to be a whole new experience. I watered them and then I waited.

The days and weeks went by and two little seedlings appeared.  As they grew taller, I planted them out into larger pots. Then I waited again.

Over the summer, I have appreciated their greening presence in my kitchen. I enjoy watching things grow. But what I didn’t know when I planted them was just how long it would be before we would see any fruit. Or, more significantly, how long it would take for each fruit to ripen. Again, I waited.

I began to wonder if maybe the secret was to stop watching them.


A long time later…

Last week, in fact…

Red Pepper

Red Pepper

We picked our very first home grown red pepper!

There are several more green ones on the plants in various stages of development. However, green peppers don’t really suit my stomach, so I am hoping that there is still enough autumn sunshine for at least some of them to ripen to red in the coming weeks. Only time will tell. So, once again, I am waiting.

Meanwhile, my potted cyclamen has spent the summer outside. The summer seems to be its resting time and it likes the relative cool of the patio for this, rather than the kitchen window sill. Just recently, however, it has started to flower again. So I brought it back inside.



Then I discovered that it wasn’t alone.



I discovered our visitor soon after I brought the cyclamen in. Later, to my surprise, I counted no less than seven little snails in or on the pot, all smaller than my little finger nail. Thinking that perhaps my kitchen wasn’t the best home for a family of snails, I took them back outside where they could have the freedom to roam. Two days later, an eighth was spotted by my daughter, who named him Oliver. Yesterday, I spotted yet another!

At the moment, Oliver and his companion seem quite happy lodging at the base of the cyclamen pot. Having found a source of water (the kitchen sink) and a suitable crevice in which to while away the daylight hours, they don’t seem to have much interest in exploring the rest of the kitchen. One day soon, I will give in to sense and take them outside. Eventually, they will probably be caught eating my vegetables. However, right now, I’ve decided I like having them around. They don’t appear to do much. But that’s the point. Like the peppers, they remind me that there is a time and a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3) – an important thing to remember when living with ME/CFS.

In contrast, Rudyard Kipling spoke of the ‘unforgiving’ minute that needs to be filled with sixty seconds distance run.

Unforgiving? Really?

Since when did the time who tells become so impatient?

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