Two roads diverged…

Last weekend, I attended a Thanksgiving service for an elderly friend who died about a month ago. She was a wonderful lady – the sort of person who inspires faith in both God and humanity – and I will miss her. During her service, reference was made to this poem. It’s a well-known poem, often treated more seriously than the author originally intended. I love the satire, but the poem also set me thinking.

I am currently involved in a musical production that is being performed by folk from the local Methodist churches. It tells the Easter story, from Palm Sunday through to the resurrection, using songs from a collection by various writers. In order to form the songs into a story, I was asked to produce a drama script, which I was very happy to do.

Last weekend, we gave our first two performances and I thoroughly enjoyed both. They took a lot out of me, but I enjoyed them. Afterwards, despite my inbuilt tendency to avoid crowds, several people came to seek me out. They wanted to thank me for the script, but their words left me feeling more than a little overwhelmed. They described it as “excellent” and “inspiring” and it was clear that they weren’t just being polite. The script had made exactly the kind of impact I had hoped for, but yet had never truly expected.

In the days since, I have felt something shift within me. For years, I have been looking down this road, “as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth…” In recent months, I have even taken a few definite steps along it. For example, I have stepped back from some voluntary work I was doing, partly in the hope that I could devote more time to a book I’ve been working on. But now something has changed. It’s as if I have turned a corner or something. The road has stopped calling and become. Book or no book, I am a writer.

Where will it lead? Right now, I don’t know. Perhaps, nowhere of significance. However, I do know that I can almost certainly look forward to a mixture of honey, haycorns and thistles on the way. And that will make all the difference 😉

Day 3 Selworthy Beacon 6a

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